The Girl Behind the Camera

If I was being honest, I’m a bit cliche. I like dark chocolate, romantic movies, and traveling to far away lands; I promise I’m not copying and pasting this from an EHarmony profile. The people that love me the most are my two mini-mes, my husband and my hairless cat but probably not in that order. When I am not behind a camera, I am making my way to ballet class, soccer practice or tae kwon doe to be my children’s biggest fan. I haven’t always been a photographer, in my previous life I served my country in the U.S. Army, that means I arrive 20 minutes early to everything and absolutely hate cardio(especially running).

As you have already seen on my website my photography style is emotional, romantic and timeless with a strong focus on giving the viewer something similar to the cover of a Nicholas Sparks movie. My goal isn’t fake smiles and stiff poses because these are your heirlooms, something your children’s children will be admiring years from now. I am based in Dallas, Texas but will travel just about anywhere; feel free to ask about my bucket list, maybe we can pick an awesome location for an adventure photoshoot.

Fun Facts about Brittany

+ Has a soft spot for all animals

+ Not a functional human being until she’s had two cups of coffee(expect a first meeting in a coffee shop)

+ Favorite movie is Water for Elephants

+ Married to a charming New Yorker

+ Probably responsible for eating 50% of her kids Easter and Halloween candy

+Loves history and if you are getting married at a historical landmark she will want to be your bestie

+ Compulsive Amazon shopper

+Got her first polaroid camera at 12 years old

+ Became a photographer when her daughter was born

+ She will talk your ear off about Game of Thrones theories and historical parallels

+ Horrible at math

+ Thinks shower time is the best time to practice being Beyonce’s backup singer

+ The oldest of five children

+ Loves capturing all kinds of love stories-LGBTQ friendly

+ Favorite sports team is the New Orleans Saints