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Mother and Child Photoshoot
Mother and Daughter Photoshoot
Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

I recently attended a photography workshop in the scenic Poconos Mountains, this mountain ridge consists of lakes, forrest ridges, waterfalls, valleys and rivers in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. The landscape is gorgeous but my worst fear was always in the back of my head…….BEARS!!! Being from Dallas, TX we lack any species of bears, thankfully. It seems like since everyone and their momma has either a GoPro or a decent camera phone bear attacks seem to be as big of a reality to me as it did for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Revenant.

The photography workshop consisted of four plane trips and three days in a small town called Jim Thorpe, also known as “Little Switzerland of America.” I stayed in a Victorian Era Inn with little cell phone service so I had plenty of time away from my phone to edit the mother and daughter session and couples photoshoot at the end of the day. The first day consisted of a meet and greet with the instructors and a posing class from three very talented photographers well known for portraits that display true connections and powerful poses.

A Photoshoot to Show the True Love Between a Mother and Child

The second day of the photographers workshop started off with a one hour drive to Ricketts Glen and an hour and a half long hike through hiking trails to three different waterfalls. Texas is well known for it’s extra large mosquitoes but Pennsylvania should be famous for it’s even larger population of these blood suckers, no amount of the chemical free bug repelant that I brought with me kept them away. We started with the mother and daughter shoot first, these two allowed us to take pictures for three hours, I was surprised considering our toddler-model was only three years old. In reality though these two were not posing, they were given fun prompts that had given strong reactions that led to beautiful, emotional portraits on a rock in the middle of a stream with a waterfall behind them. There were tickles, laughs, cuddles and story-telling that always invoked a beautiful response between mother and child.

After the mother and daughter session came the couples session. Before this I had never posed a same sex couple but now I am proud to say that I have. The two men where so in tune to each other that you would have thought they had been together for 15+ years but they had only been married for three. Again their photoshoot was more of prompted suggestions which led to intimate moments of the couple gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, caresses, and jokes filled with double entendre made by the couple. Everyone was having fun and their little dog Lucy was giving high fives.

The last day in Pennsylvania was definitely the most difficult. We started early on a drive to Boulder Field in Hickory Run State Park, this is literally a field of boulders; small and large ranging from 3 feet to 30 feet. This unique geological setting was the setting for a couple’s engagement shoot. The couple was just as unique as the setting for our photoshoot. The woman had dreaded, long, black hair and both him and her had an impressive amount of colorful tattoos. This couple was a little more guarded than the individuals in our last two photoshoots but they quickly opened up when they realized we were a fun group that was probably a little deliriously goofy from the exhaustion from the hike the day before. The gentleman brought along a guitar which we asked him to play as his fiancee’ swayed carefully on a large boulder nearby. Again, everyone took their turn photographing the couple and spent about an hour there until enough of the photographers had scrapped their knees balancing on the large rocks and then decided to move to an open field. Moving to the grassy field wasn’t as edgy of a setting as the boulder field but I wasn’t having to fear falling and smashing my expensive lens and camera. We has them skip, hop and pretty much roll around in the grassy field for the remaining photoshoot until mid day heat had set in and we all parted the photoshoot for a three hour break.

Dancing in the Dark-A Photoshoot to Capture True Intimacy

That night we met up with the instructors at their cabin for another engagement shoot at night and a camp fire complete with smores and mountain pies. there was still enough light and the new couple hadn’t shown up so I ventured to a nearby stream in the woods to pose for a boudoir photoshoot for a fellow photographer looking to update her portfolio. I am awaiting these photos and look forward to gifting them to my husband since she is a very talented artist from Virginia. Then the couple arrived, they were a beautiful biracial couple, the man was probably in his 40s with salt-and-pepper hair giving a George Clooney vibe to the photoshoot and our lady had braided hair with coffee bean seashells on them. She wore a white dress which contrasted well with her mocha skin. We started the engagement photoshoot by the campfire that we had earlier roasted our dinner by and directed the two to embrace each other and stare affectionately into each other’s eyes. These two had no problem displaying PDA and since they needed not mush direction we asked them to move to a small tent that had been setup about 10 feet away from our campfire. The tent seemed like a good backdrop to put cuddling couple into. Again, they resumed their affectionate embraces until we asked to to dance in front of a lantern at around 9pm. We could only see their silhouettes but they danced, twirled, and swayed to a slow song that was playing on a nearby speaker concluding the engagement photoshoot.

Early the next day I boarded a plane back to Dallas and have resumed my daily routine. I am now looking forward to adding engagement photoshoot sessions to my provided services. I will apply what I have learned to give you the memorable experience absent of uncomfortable, stale poses. For all you family, couples, family, and child photography needs email brittany@wishandwanderphotography.com

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Mother and Daughter Photography
Mother and Daughter Photoshoot
Mother and Daughter Photoshoot
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