If your a believer that the white dress should have a monopoly on weddings than read no further.

I’m one of those women that doesn’t look the greatest in white, even though I opted for a white wedding dress for my elopement; I wouldn’t want to change my wedding for the world but these black wedding dresses are killing it! Lately, I have been seeing more and more women choose different colors for their wedding. Especially Black! Honestly, I’m loving it and maybe we are seeing it more because we are getting closer to Halloween but I hope it’s a wedding trend that is here to stay.

Believe it or not, brides wearing white is only a current trend, well since Queen Victoria  wore one in 1842. Before that brides wore all kinds of colors, patterns and styles and Spanish brides that followed the Roman Catholic faith wore a black wedding dress to show devotion to their marriage until death…….pretty morbid, right! It wasn’t until the 1800s that wearing black was associated with death and grieving the loss of a  loved one and it was a sign of disrespect to the bride if the mother of the groom wore black to her son’s wedding.

Black was a color that a bride dare not wear on her wedding day until Vera Wang released a line of black wedding dresses in 2012. A black wedding dress isn’t just for the “edgy” bride that wants to abandon tradition; it’s for any bride that wants to be considered bold, elegant and chic. The “noncolor color” is no longer for goth brides and can be worn several ways.

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Black Wedding Dress

Ways to wear a black wedding gown-

  1. A long black wedding dress- Keeping with the tradition of a long wedding gown will make you feel more bridal than a little black dress. Adding a long train will add even more drama. Sidenote: This look can become easily overdone so you might want to skip the black wedding veil and only add simple accessories.
  2. Lovely lace- I’ve always thought that lace added romance to a dress, now add that to a long black dress and your wedding guests will be swooning, the texture of lace adds dimension and luxury. The added advantage in this ensemble is that it can be worn several times over in your lifetime to formal events.
  3. LBD-This is for the daring and modern bride. To make sure this wedding dress doesn’t look like you just came from a cocktail party consider a high-low dress, detailed embellishments and embroidery, and bridal fabrics such a tulle, organza, or lace. This will also be a great look to consider for a reception.


Advantages of a Black Wedding Dress

If you choose a black wedding dress, it can be worn over and over again.

  • It won’t show dirt easily. After the outdoor ceremony and all the dancing at my wedding reception the end of my full length wedding dress resembled a muddy grey-brown color from all of the dirt. It didn’t bother me that much since I didn’t ever plan to wear it again but this wouldn’t have been the case with a darker hue such as black. For couples that want an adventurous backdrop to their elopement location hiking might be required and along with the walking will come dust and dirt. A black wedding dress would be ideal for an elopement among the moss fields of Iceland or the Black Sand Beaches of Hawaii.
  • Black Wedding Dresses are Far Less Expensive. Have you ever googled “long white dress” you don’t even have to put the word “wedding‘ into that description but the prices are significantly more than any other color. This is because the retail mark up on wedding dresses are 200%-600%. If you are trying to stick to a budget and would rather splurge on photography you can always choose a different color wedding dress and more than likely it will cost significantly less.
  • You are a stylish chick! –If you see yourself as a modern woman that takes fashion risks like Sarah Jessica Parker did when she got married to Mathew Broderick in 1997 then this is the hue for you. Your choice of wedding dress will automatically stand out as striking and unexpected and you will turn tradition on its side.
  • Concealing those Extra LBS- There is an added advantage in choosing a black wedding dress, black has a slimming effect on all body types. So if you are a plus size girl or have gained a few pounds then a black wedding dress will be a great option for you.
  • Your Wedding Pictures will be Epic-Aside from looking extra slim in your black wedding dress your black dress will contrast with just about any background making you stand out in such a bold color. Your photographer will find it easy to place you in an area for after ceremony shots since you will stand out against any background.
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Black Wedding Dress

Black Wedding Dresses Worth Considering

French Knot Full Length Tulle Skirt Black Wedding Dress

Vera Wang Black Lace Wedding Dress with Tiered Horsehair

Sherri Hill Off the Shoulder Long Black Dress

Soaran Off-the-Shoulder Dress with Lace


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