I met Hannah at a dance studio for children when my daughter was attending ballet classes for two years, she was helping the instructor coordinate the children for an upcoming recital. I’ve always been fascinated my the elegance of ballet dancers and it was a treat for me to watch her teach technique to little girls that admired her.  I had wanted to do a photoshoot with a dancer for a while but she always seemed very busy, she is homeschooled and very mature but also eats, sleeps and breathes ballet. I wanted to give her a senior photoshoot that would embody the passion she had for ballet, I came up with the idea of giving her an urban themed photoshoot in Downtown Dallas.Unfortunately, on the day we met it was hot and the Dallas sun bounced heat off the pavement and didn’t help when she was doing jumps and spins. She was a trooper and I still can’t help but admire the large amount of effort she put into helping me get the action shots.  At the end of the senior photoshoot I had seen a nearby parking lot that although hideous was bouncing around beautiful sunlight. I asked her to refrain from leaps so that she wouldn’t become exhausted and got one of my favorite pictures of Hannah in the setting sun.

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