A quick guide on how to get your senior to look their best.

As parents we know all too well that sometimes kids do not know what looks best on them. When it comes to our child’s portrait we want to showcase their successful high school career. I look back on my high school senior pics and cringe at my stringy orange-ish highlights and overly tanned skin and think “what was I thinking?!!” My shirt was also cut too low and had the unforgiving horizontal stripes that makes everyone look two sizes bigger than they actually are. My 17 year old self would have never admitted it but I wish I would have let my mother dress me.

As a photographer who specializes in seniors I get asked all the time-“what should I wear?”

Advice for Senior Girls

Loose fitting, flowy dresses look lovely and feminine and can be comfortable. My favorite places to find these dresses are Freepeople, Lulus and Dilliards has a wide selection as well. Neutral, earthy color palettes have a flattering effect on all skin tones and look beautifully fresh! Always avoid colors like hot pink, neon yellow and lime green. Girls should take the time to do their makeup even if they usually don’t wear any, stores like MAC cosmetics and the makeup counter at within a department store can give assistance in finding the correct foundation shade and eyeshadow palette to bring out their natural eye color. Regarding foundation, I advise to go a little bit heavier than she typically wears it on a normal day. More so with girls I find myself asking them to remove distracting accessories, big hoop earrings can distract from someones natural beauty. Try to stick to one large accessory as a prop; like a hat or glasses that can be easily removed but I advise not to use it in all of your pictures. My mantra is, simple and minimal always looks best.

See my pinterest board for senior girls here.

Advice for Senior Boys

Boys should keep patterns and colors to a minimum as well. Shirts and pants should be free of any logos and needs to be wrinkle free(this is more of a problem with boys then girls). A white, collared, button-up shirt with a pair of dark-wash blue jeans should be in every teenage boys closet and looks nice for a photo session as well as a first date. Letterman jackets can be a boys best accessory in their senior photoshoot. Your senior’s trousers should drape nicely with clean lines from the waist. Avoid pants that bunch up in the back. Depending on his personal style, he may want the break of the pants to just kiss the top of your shoes. If your senior wants the rugged look, a white or beige t-shirt or henley is a great place to start. Pair with dark blue or black jeans and black boots.

Click here to see my pinterest board for senior boys.

These are just a few style suggestions but my most important advice would be to allow your’s senior’s personality to shine. Their outfit selection should match their personality and their own personal sense of style. It’s always smart to bring several options to show your photographer and allow him/her to give their opinion of what would go well with the background in the pictures.

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